Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My army guy!

Andrew got his 6-year birthday pictures taken. He loves to wear his army guy clothes, so I decided to let him get his pictures taken in that. Here he is doing the "army crawl."

Wesley was able to get involved in a picture. He had a "secret" to tell Andrew and the photographer caught him.

Uncle Aaron likes this one, so he gets to get a little input. Thanks!


SturgillMom said...

I just love those pictures. You always do such a good job of getting their pictures taken every year. I am absolutely HORRIBLE at that :) Is Aaron still there? I am sure you guys had a blast :)

The Beard Bunch said...

Aaron was here all day yesterday, but had to leave early this morning. It was good to see him! We are hoping to see him again Friday night, depending on his schedule. You may think you are horrible at getting their pictures taken, but you do a good job taking candids of them. I am horrible at that. I hate carrying my camera around.

Anonymous said...

How handsome you're getting, Andrew! Love ya, Gramma
Make sure you send me a picture. I like the one with Wes telling you a secret!