Friday, March 16, 2007

Out after dark

I imagine no one likes turning their clocks ahead one hour. Really, who has enough time to spare to lose an extra hour? There are advantages, however. One thing the kids and I have enjoyed is that they can play outside much later. I have included some pictures of all three playing outside at 7:30 pm tonight. It is dark, but the porch light gives enough light to continue their play. I love seeing them play hard and play outside!

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SturgillMom said...

I was hoping that my kids would start sleeping later in the morning when we changed the clocks...that would be dreamin'! Bryce and Madyson are getting up at 7:10 instead of 6:50 -- I was thinking more like 8:00 would be nice :) I do like having more time in the evening before it gets dark and I am all for outside seems to be the only way to get the energy out of Bryant :)