Friday, September 7, 2007

School Pictures

12345Andrew---First Grade 12345Wesley---Third Grade

The boys got their school pictures back this week. As a child, I always thought school pictures were the worst pictures ever taken (besides ones' drivers license), but I do love to have them to scrapbook with and to compare their years, in watching them grow. These are my two school boys!!!!!! I think Drew should win the award for the cheesiest smile :)


SturgillMom said...

We have school pictures next week and I am looking forward to those cheesy smiles also! The boys look so cute and grown up! Kinda makes me sad. Miss you guys!

Juliet said...

Thanks for the school pictures. They are growing up so fast.
Love AJ

Ann-Marie said...

Awww...they grow up so fast. I remember when Wes was just toddling around! Congrats on your photogenic offspring! :-)

Those driver's license phots ARE awful though, aren't they?!

Cindy Swanson said...

Michelle, they're adorable!