Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sometimes these kids really crack me up :)

Laugh #1: Andrew was really enjoying his snack last night. They are called "Stackerz." Basically, they are like fruit roll-ups but in small circular shapes. The boys recently saw the commercial where it says, "They are not stickers; they are Stackerz." Andrew had to re-enact it for me. The funny thing to me was imagining having some sort of crazy disease where you ended up with that kind of rash all over your face.

Laugh #2: Brooke was listening to a song play last night. The song is one of the Veggie Tunes, and it says, "....and we're going to the promised land." Having no idea what the promised land is, Brooke asked me, "Is Disneyland the promised land?" That one had me laughing too.

No, I am not tracking my laughs, literally. But is was funny, and really rather typical, so I thought I would let you see inside the mind of this crazy three year old and six year old.

P.S. Wesley can be funny, too, but not last night---he had way too much homework :)


Ann-Marie said...

Cute photo! With you and Gary,though, those kids were bound to be funny. And, if I'm correct, most kids think Disneyland IS the promised land!

SturgillMom said...

Don't you just hate homework. It is totally different when you are on the parent side of things :) Your kids are just too funny! I think my kids would agree with Brooke even though they have never been to the "promised land!"

Juliet said...

Thanks for the photos. They say a picture if worth a thousand words.
And I just love Brooke's comment on the promised land. Love AJ