Friday, February 29, 2008

New Toys

I had to post some pictures and be sure to mention that Andrew and Wesley have saved enough money and have purchased their newest toy: a PS2 gaming system. Both of the boys have been saving Christmas money, birthday money, and anything else they could scrap together. Gary found the PS2 on sale this week for $30.00 off the regular price, so they all took a trip to purchase this. It is the biggest item the boys have ever purchased, including a memory card, extra hand controller and seven games. Anyway, when a new toy is purchased, it seems like every other toy in the house is "boring." They have been very busy playing! Gary and I have let them have fun with it this first week, but I am sure we will be setting some time limits in the near future.
P.S. We did also get a new large screen TV---that was Gary's new toy :)


Ann-Marie said...

It's great your boys are learning to save - of course, having Sturgill blood in them, I would expect no less! :-)

Looks like fun!

Juliet said...

I want a new toy that big screen TV!!

SturgillMom said...

I am NOT showing Michael this post with that huge TV! I am proud of your boys for sticking to their goal and saving that much money.