Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have to spend a little time just bragging on my husband and praising my God!

Alright, I just came back from a fast-paced yet powerful weekend! Three of my "sisters" and I drove down to San Diego, where we met up with 8 other women from our church and attended a conference with Bible teacher Beth Moore.

I have to summarize because I feel as though I could rattle on and on for awhile. The following things happened outside of the conference:
1. My friend, Jolene, left her purse and all cash at home.
2. I got car sick and threw up twice on the ride down to San Diego.
3. A normal three hour trip took us 6 1/2 hours. The last 45 minutes were right near the arena; we took that long to go 5 miles and get parked and into the arena.
4. We were 1/2 hr. late on Friday night and did not get dinner.
5. When we checked into our hotel, we found we had to pay $30.00 for parking.
6. The room was fine, but there was a "concert" going on across the street, and even though we were on the 10th floor, we heard the music loud and clear until 3:00 am.
7. I did not sleep all night.
8. In the morning, the valet lost the keys to our car, so we had to wait an hour for them to find them. (We did force them to feed us a delicious breakfast in the meantime).
9. Since it took so long to find the keys, we were 1/2 hr. late on Saturday morning.
10. I had only brought a sweater, and the temperature in San Diego was 90 degrees today.

Ok, by this time, you are probably thinking: "Did you have a good weekend??? It does not sound like it so far." I must admit, I kept thinking "Satan really wants to knock us out and make us frustrated. After each catastrophic event, we all 4 held hands and just prayed and asked God to use us, teach us, and help us to maintain our testimony!!!! He did just that.

I was able to be in an arena on San Diego State University, where 9,000 women gathered to praise and worship God and learn about Him. What an honor and a blessing. It made me think how awesome heaven will be when many more than that are gathered to worship Him. It was incredible. There were many different types of people, different denominations, and different walks of life, but there was one thing that you could not deny: God was there, and he really liked when all 9,000 of us worshiped and praised Him together.

Let me share a few thought that were a blessing to me from Beth's speaking:
1. God does not want mediocrity from anyone.
2. God knows what I am capable of and does not mind pushing to get me there.
3. We need to free ourselves from trying to do God's job.
4. Anxiety is always rooted in a feeling and need for control.
5. You might be bored with religious things, but you can never be bored with God.
6. You should never look back and wish that you had been more enthusiastic about God.

It is good to be reminded that we serve an amazing, all-powerful God who knows us and wants to be known of us. Beth Moore put up a video recap on her web-site:

I almost forgot to brag on my husband. Suffice it to say, he is an amazing "babysitter." When I got home, the house was all picked up, the living room was vacuumed, the bathroom was cleaned, and the laundry was done. He even made the kids dinner (Happy Meals :) ). I should go away more often. J/K It is nice to be home. Maybe, I will get some sleep tonight.


SturgillMom said...

Michelle, what a special weekend. I was thinking as I read that, "I can't wait to be done nursing Makayla so I can enjoy something like that!" It is exciting to hear God working in your life. 90 degrees in San Diego!!!! Oh my word, it snowed here on Saturday and Sunday....the ground was too warm for any accumulation, but it was still depressing :)

Juliet said...

It's always great to get away with girlfriends..especailly to Christian conferences.

What a mix bag of events. God is in everything that happens to us so I know you had a great time.

Great husband to boot!

Ann-Marie said...

Can Gary come down here and babysit for me?

I mean, the house cleaning alone!

Deb said...

Amen for the time you had even though you dealt with so many problems along the way!