Monday, April 7, 2008

Precious Moments with Brooke

Brooke learned to write MOM several weeks ago, so she is always writing me notes with her name and mine on it. This past week, she learned to write DADDY. Now, all her pages (including her page at church on Sunday) are named with all three of our names. She wanted me to show Gramma, so here it is! Another precious moment I just shared with Brooke: I was reading my Bible study material when Brooke crawled onto the bed with me. "You will have to be quiet, Brooke. Mom is reading her Bible study." She replied with an OK and then proceeded to go downstairs and get her Bible. She crawled up on bed and opened her Bible. As with most things, it did not last too long; her Bible was flung aside and she went to look for something more interesting to do. However, I was thankful for the quiet moment I could spend "reading" my Bible with Brooke.

P.S. The other figures on her paper are hearts (obviously :) ) because she loves us so much!


Ann-Marie said...

Awww...too cute! Her pen(wo)manship is good, too.

I love the Bible-reading story (Mom and Dad used to despair because I'd read Archie comic books while they read their Bibles at the kitchen table)

Juliet said...

Brooke is doing a great job! Isn't it great to see the words "Daddy" and "Mommy".

Love the hearts...and of course why wouldn't she love you most.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for wanting to share that with me Brooke! It is beautiful! Now Mommy needs to teach you how to spell GRAMMA!
I love you. Gramma

SturgillMom said...

That is SO sweet! I always want to have my devotion time before the kids wake up, but I think it is so good for them to see me reading my is just SO hard to concentrate with them around :)