Thursday, June 12, 2008

Official Hello to Summer

Today was the boys' last day of school. Let the summer begin! I was somewhat saddened driving them to school this morning; the year has just gone so fast. Next time I drop them off, they will be in second and fourth grade :0 They have had a week full of activities: Ventura Aquatic Center, Port Hueneme pier, ice cream social, carnival, and lots of cookies. The pictures above are Wesley with one of his best friends, Jordan, and Andrew with his friends Zion and Sten. It is somewhat interesting---Sten and Jordan are brothers. Wesley and Andrew are spending the night at their house tonight. We thank the Lord for a good Christian school and teachers who love our kids and love the Lord. (I don't know if Wesley's teacher above is happy or sad to see him go?????)


Ann-Marie said...

She's probably happy for HERSELF to have some well-deserved time off! :-) Ooh, I'm so jealous! That pool looks like so much fun!

Juliet said...

To just think that your boys are going into second and fourth grade is hard to believe.

Glad to see pictures of them and their friends.

I agree with Ann-Marie on the teacher issue. Teaching is alot of work and I'm sure she is ready for a break.

Enjoy the summer.