Monday, August 11, 2008

Look who is going back to school........

Today was the first day of classes at Ventura Missionary School! Wesley is now in 4th grade, and he is happy about two things: he has a good teacher (a male), and his best friend is in his class. There are two classes of each grade level, and the classes are divided differently each year. Wesley and Cody have been together every year, so far.

I have to post another picture of Drew below because he looks like a midget, next to Wesley :) He is excited about being in second grade. After school today he told me, "Luke, Aidan and me played basketball with three third graders, and we won. I made lots of baskets." It was rather exciting for him. I guess recess does bring home some of the best stories.

We thank God for the school that they are able to attend, and for the way we see God working in their lives. Andrew was not put in the same grade as his best friends from last year. I told him that I had prayed that God would put him in the right class with the right people that would most help him to grow. He understood and was able to accept the fact that God's will does not always mean we get exactly what we want!


Ann-Marie said...

I think it's amazing how you are constantly teaching your kids about how God works in our lives...not always giving us our wants, but using different ways to teach us - helping us to honor and glorify Him. Yea!!!

Your boys look so grown up! I wish you guys were here, so we could all hang out. Poor Brielle is just gonna be love-smothered by her "aunt" guys should come visit...or maybe we could go to CA!

Miss you!

Juliet said...

School already! Where oh where did the summer go? Since the boys start school early, do they get out earlier in Spring?

And I agree with AM- great to teach our children about God in our every day to day life.

Glad that they both look forward to going to school.