Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roughing it at Lake Casitas

Our family spent two days and two nights doing some real camping---in a tent. Lake Casitas is just 20 miles from our home, set in the mountains of Ojai. Our campsite had a beautiful view. Below is a picture of Gary getting the tent set-up. It was very windy during this process. Thankfully, the wind subsided for the rest of our stay.

The kids all had a good time. The boys did quite a bit of fishing with dad, and we did several small hikes. Brooke was an interesting camper. She hated the bathrooms (but that is quite understandable), so she pretty much refused to go to the bathroom. We visited the camp store several times because their bathroom was "better." She also hated the yellow jackets. We get limited bugs at our home in Ventura, so I was not expecting too many bugs while camping. However, we did get visited by quite a few yellow jackets. We bought a trap, and that seemed to console Brooke somewhat.

We saw many squirrels. They were much smaller than the squirrels I was used to in the mid-west. Gary said he heard a coyote the first night that we were there. I loved the fact that Gary did most of the cooking, and it all turned out exceptionally well! We spent our last evening at the water park and got everyone rinsed out from all the camp dirt.


Juliet said...

Camping for real. You sure did the old-fashioned way.

It's a good thing that Bob and I did it before Ann-Marie arrived. I think that if we had taken her camping, she would have ran away...looking for a Hilton Hotel.

Ann-Marie said...

It goes without saying, but this post totally convinced me that Brooke and I are true kindred spirits.