Friday, May 29, 2009

Great great aunts

I must start by saying this post goes out as a big thank you to two great great aunts. They are not great-great aunts to my three kids, but they sure are great at being great aunts. Yes, that would be Aunt Juliet and Aunt Louise. They love to garage sale (and shop overall), and we received a special package this past week from their shopping efforts. Brooke was ecstatic. Of course, the girl loves clothes!


Juliet said...

Aunt Louise & I had so much fun finding clothes for the kids.

Brooke is such a doll in that pink and white top. Trust most of the clothes we got fit. If not, just pass them on to someone else.

Ann-Marie said...

The great-aunts love to spoil their great-nieces! Plus, they LOVE shopping for girl clothes! Brooke looks wonderful. :-) I've got a pretty great aunt, Jan, myself!