Thursday, June 11, 2009

End of an Era

It may not be the end of an era, but it was the end of the school year at Ventura Missionary School. I am not sure who was more excited this evening: me, that there was no homework to be done; or the boys, that they could stay up as late as they wanted and watch the Lakers.

The picture above was taken after school this afternoon. As a comparison, I am also posting the picture from the first day of school last August (2008). It is not a great portrait to compare how they have grown, but they have both grown!

Andrew completed second grade. His teacher, Mrs. Campbell, loves Andrew! She always tells me what a kind soul he is. She loves how "Andrew always talks about his church and his family. He has such a kind heart." I am thankful for Andrew's testimony and for this special teacher.

Wesley finished fourth grade. Most parents and students comment how fourth grade is such a "tough academic year." I am proud of Wesley's academic accomplishments, though he does need some extra practice on his cursive. (What is it with males and their attitude toward cursive writing????) Mr. Rabinowitz was a great blessing to Wesley this year. It was fun for him to have a "guy" as a teacher. Better yet, a guy with a Harley :)

So, it is the end of an academic school year and the start of a welcome summer. Good work, Andrew and Wesley!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

because hardly any men actually use cursive in real life. I think guys look at cursive, think it looks girly, and give up on it altogether. We like nice straight manly lines, no girly flips and swirls :)

Ann-Marie said...

Congrats to you and the boys on surviving another school year! And successfully, too! That Mr. R looks like a fun teacher - and those are always a good find! Say, now that they're off...want to come to Illinois in time to meet your second cousin?!

Charity said...

Wow!! What a long school year! We are well into our summer here. I hope that you have a wonderful summer with your kiddos. Are you coming home (midwest) at all this summer?

The Beard Bunch said...

No, we are not coming to the Mid-west at all. I am teaching summer school until the end of next week. Then, Aaron and his family are coming out for a week. We are also meeting my mom and dad at the Grand Canyon the first week of August. Let's see, how can I fit in a trip to see that precious baby Sam :)

Juliet said...

What a blessing to have great tachers to teach your children.

I could tell that the boys had grown. Just great photo of them with their teachers.

Enjoy your summer! It sounds like you will have a fun-filled one.

Charity said...

Michelle, Aunt Laurie ,Uncle Frank and the crew are going to be at the Grand Canyon the last week of July/1st week of August. You should see if you could get together.

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures! So proud of you both! Love you guys. Gramma