Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wesley is a teen; oops, I mean ten!

Yes, our oldest child turned ten years old today! What a blessing he is to the entire family. Wesley is the leader. He is the strong one. He is the giver of hugs for his mom, and he is the analytical mind of his dad. We love you, Wes!

We spent the afternoon at Golf N Stuff in Ventura, where we all played a round of golf. The boys then ventured out to the bumper boats and arcade games. After the time at Golf N Stuff, Wesley chose the shops where we would go to spend some of his birthday cash. His favorite two places to shop: Game Stop and Toys 'R Us. Top it all off with stuffed crust pizza and double decker chocolate cake. I think Wesley is going to be sick, but hey, it was fun!


Juliet said...

My kind of party! Happy Birthday Wesley! Sounds like you had a very very great 10th birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that Wesley is a Great "10 year old!" He's growing up so fast. Our prayer is he'll always have the wonderful spirit he has now - even when he's a teen!Love you, Wes. Gramma