Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting ready for football season

The boys are signed up for the Ventura Buccaneers this year. They are excited about playing football, beginning in August. Today was the day that they had fittings for their equipment. I learned that it takes much work (and several people) to gear up a young boy with football equipment. After getting dressed out, the boys were ready to run into each other and do some body slams!

As a player, each of the boys has to raise $100.00 in donations for their football season. We were given $10.00 vouchers for some local restaurants to give to those who can help. While all of our family is not in our area and would not benefit from the vouchers, I still want to ask if anyone would be willing to help the boys raise their $100.00 each. Let me know and thanks!


Anonymous said...

You took some great pictures!! Boy would I love to see one of their games. You'll have to tell the boys to talk with Papa when they see him about a contribution!!! Gramma

Juliet said...

Count me in! When do we need to send the money?

They look so cool in their football gear.

The Beard Bunch said...

They have to get the money collected by August 16th. Thanks so much!!!

Ann-Marie said... cute - little boys in football uniforms! Adorable.

And manly, very manly (sorry, boys!).