Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hodge Podge pictures

The five of us were pleasantly surprised when Gary's mom and dad called and said that they desperately needed to get away. Gary's dad has been working too much :) Well, they started driving and arrived at our home 4 days later. It was so much fun having them visit for about 1 week. Thanks, Mamaw and Papaw for coming out to see us. I don't know if they really got a break, but we were ecstatic to visit with them.

Back track to Halloween night and guess what my two boys decided to dress up for on Halloween??? Yes, football players. Wesley decided to skip out on the jersey and replace it with this special t-shirt from Gramma Sturgill. "No questions.....just put the candy in the bag."

I couldn't leave out this angel face. She did not dress up like this for Halloween, but she did get her face painted on our last trip to Knott's Berry Farm.

It has been a busy month, but I wanted to get some pictures out. We love you all (unless, of course, we don't know you and you just happened upon my blog)!


Juliet said...

I just happened to come upon your wonderful blog.Jan, my sister, your crazy mother told me to add the phrase .."Hope you love us anyway."

Now for my own thinking...I hate people telling me what to do or SAY!! I'm a Rehfeldt and leave me alone.

By the way (Your mother is still standing over me and telling me what to say.) I love the photos.

Now Jan will you please leave the room so I can write in private.

She left so I have nothing else to say.....HA HA HA Love you all, Aunt Juliet

Ann-Marie said...

Great photos - I especially love Wesley's Halloween true...definitely a Rehfeldt in that aspect. Brooke's face painting was really artistic, too!