Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall means pumpkins

Growing up in the mid-west, I always loved fall. The cool crisp, evenings, and the colorful, falling leaves. For reasons other than these two, I still love autumn. We do have cool, crisp evenings (occasionally), and I actually see a tree losing its' leaves every once in awhile. Pumpkins, however, are in abundance. There are pumpkin patches everywhere!

Yesterday, the kids picked out their own pumpkin and we brought them home to carve. If you look carefully at the picture below, you will see each one behind their respective pumpkin. They named them "Jack," "O" and "Lantern." We even roasted the pumpkin seeds. I have to admit that has never been one of my favorite treats, but Gary said "it is something you have to do every once in awhile, just because it is fall!"


Janice Sturgill said...

OOOOOHHHHHHH! I'm scared! Great job! I love their names and you did a great job in carving them out! Gramma

Charity said...

Wow! Your grass looks great...and your pumpkins! :)

The Beard Bunch said...

Charity, You just made my husband's day. He takes great pride in his grass :)

Juliet said...

What would Fall be without our carved pumpkins!

Love the photo of the pumpkins at night.

And to add to Charity's comment...The Grass looks great too!