Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brooke's six year pictures

Brooke has really grown physically and maturity wise since she started first grade. I remember when she used to cry every time we took her to get her pictures taken. Now, she acts like the little model. More importantly though, we are thankful for her sensitivity to others and to the Lord. Six is looking good on you, babe!


Janice Sturgill said...

Oh! I just want to hug you Brooke! When do I get a picture of you? Gramma

Juliet said...

Well, hands on hips...indicate somewhat of an attitude..a good attitude:) What a beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl. How did she get to be six?

I love all the photos.

(And I do hope this comment can go through.)

The Beard Bunch said...

Sorry about the comment issue the past two months. I am glad that people stopped in. I was beginning to think everyone forgot about us :( My blog used to send me e-mails when there was a comment, but then it just stopped. HMMMM!!!