Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wherever you find yourself

Last night, Gary and I had the privilege to attend a Casting Crowns' concert. What a blessing it was and a challenge. I write this post to challenge any Christian who reads it, but also as a reminder to myself. I know I will come back to this in a couple of months, when I find I need a reminder.

One thing I love about the music of Casting Crowns is that it gives such a clear message of glory to God and hope for a very lost world. The songs are filled with so much Bible. In fact, each CD lists numerous Bible verses that support the message of each song. It is fun to be able to sing what the Bible states to be true.

The lead singer, Mark Hall is a youth pastor in Atlanta. He, like so many Christians, has been a Christian for a long time and often finds himself in a "rut." I love the analogies that he used. He talked straight to Christians: "At church, everything makes sense. We know how to live and what direction to take. Everything is black and white. But once we leave the church doors, so often, life turns gray." He went on to explain that he knows he is a Christian. His heart belongs to the King of kings, but as a Christian, we often have a brain that is lost. We make excuses for not sharing the gospel. We prioritize so many things over God's call on our life. We rationalize our good, but not godly choices. We pursue our career, rather than His calling. We work so hard to have a personal relationship with God, that it never affects anyone outside of our own person. We forget that we have one purpose on this earth and Satan keeps us plenty busy doing everything but that purpose.

The song below is one I have listened to repeatedly today. I know I get caught in the middle often, but I pray God just keeps pulling me closer to Himself.

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Juliet said...

Thanks Michele. I not only liked the words but all the graphics.

I'm now reading The Battle is the Lord's by Tony Evans. He brings out the fact that "Satan not only knows WHERE to get us, but he also knows HOW to get at us. That's why we need to understand the method he uses to defeat us and make us spiritual POWs"

Living for the Lord is a constant growth for all that want to walk close to the Lord.