Sunday, October 18, 2009

A California Visit

May I never cease to be amazed at how God works things out. I especially notice when He works things out in ways that I want. Dad was asked to speak at an AACS conference, hosted at none other than Ventura, CA. Thank you God for using them in ministry and allowing it to be in our own backyard :) Below are some pictures mom sent me from the weekend. It was good for Gramma and Poppa to be able to watch Andrew in action on the football field. It was a short, full, enjoyable weekend for each one of us.


Juliet said...

I for one as a mother, always enjoy seeing my one and only. Your mother doesn't have that opportunity so I know from my heart that every moment God gives her and your dad those times, they hold them dear to their heart.

I always tell your mother that it ought to be against the law for our children and our grandchildren to live apart from us. Live is way too short.

But at the same time you are where God wants you to be. (I think. LOL) And it is great that your dad is in ministry where your parents can see you more often.

Thanks for the photos!

Janice Sturgill said...

Glad you got the pictures! We are very thankful for the time with you all! Papa's jacket doesn't quite fit Wesley yet!! Mom

Linda said...

Looks like so much fun!! The kids loved seeing pictures of their cousins (and Gramma)! We miss you guys!