Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a super weekend!!!!

I have been meaning to get this post up, but it has been a super busy week. Anyway, it was a Super weekend at our house this past weekend. Of course, the most obvious reason to anybody would be the fact that the Packers won the Super Bowl. Our whole house was quite excited for this victory.

At church that morning, however, we had a special visitor---Mike Penberthy. He was a former Los Angeles Laker who was on the team with Kobe and Shaq when they won the NBA finals. He is a Christian who is fervent in his faith and loves to share his love of basketball. Andrew is currently in his season of Upwards, so he was looking forward to having Mike sign his jersey.

Wesley got to try on the championship ring.

Another big event for our family was the purchase of a new vehicle. We have been needing to get a larger automobile, and the time came on Friday. Our Ford Explorer (which carried all 3 of my kids as babies) was nearly dead. Gary really wanted a jeep, but the practical side won out over the recreational side. See our new Chevrolet Traverse. It has already been so nice to have room to carry a few extra passengers.

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Janice Sturgill said...

WOW! That was neat for the boys to meet him - and I love your explorer, too! Can't wait to ride in it.